Dave Loggins – Kenny’s Talented Cousin

I’ve written before about how some of the lesser-known relatives of big stars have had nice careers of their own, even if not to the heights of their famous kin. Johnny Cash’s brother Tommy is one, and another would be Dave Loggins, whose famous cousin Kenny has certainly made a bigger splash, with countless hit songs and a couple of Grammy wins. But Dave has a few awards too, and something Kenny doesn’t — in addition to a big pop music hit, he’s also had a song rocket to the top of the country music charts.dl

In case you’ve forgotten, Dave Loggin’s pop hit was his 1974 mega-seller, “Please Come To Boston,” a song that seemed to be on the radio almost continuously at that time. The Tennessee-born singer wrote the song too, and in the years since it’s been recorded by everybody from Joan Baez to country singers like Tammy Wynette, Glenn Campbell and Willie Nelson.

Songwriting has always been one of Loggin’s strengths, and he’s furnished a lot of good music to other stars. Three Dog Night’s “Pieces Of April” was one of his, and a lot of country singers have loved his songs too. Wynonna Judd, Toby Keith, Reba McEntire and others have recorded his music, and Kenny Rogers had a number-one hit with his “Morning Desire.”

Ironically, Loggins didn’t write the song that ended up being his own top country hit, and he also had a little luck in his choice of a singing partner. His 1984 duet with Anne Murray on the love song, “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do,” proved to be a winner — not only with fans, but also by taking home numerous awards.

In 1995 Loggins was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, continuing to prove that the Loggins family is one talented clan.


16 thoughts on “Dave Loggins – Kenny’s Talented Cousin

  1. Dave’s biggest song “Please Come to Boston” is a great song and it is a good album but, his album “Country Suite” is his best. I never get tired of hearing it and it was unavailable for so long. It has recently been released in CD and I would urge all who like “Please Come to Boston” to please come to “Country Suite”. These songs I never heard on radio and it is a shame. Someone needs to re-record them and give them play on a country radio channel. Not sure they can do a better job than Dave but someone fresh in the business could benefit. Country Suite is five star in my book.


  2. If you go back one step further to ‘Apprentice in a Musician’s Workshop” you see the evolution of this great writer from a more acoustic basis through the orchestral influences of ‘Country Suite’ on to the overproduced album called ”Dave Loggins’.
    The strength of his music lies in the emotional vulnerabilty of his melodies and lyrics with such a rawness that hurts.
    As Kristofferson once wrote:
    ”Ever since the first Ive heard the worst I’ve heard was good”
    Will he ever return?
    Paul Brown


  3. I was a friend of Dave’s in the 70s. He is a creative genius. I missed him when he went to Boston and wanted me to come. He was looking for April and I wish he had found out what happened to her. I know it was rough to lose someone you love. Pieces of April is a real classic and he has a big heart and a wondering spirit. Someday I hope he will contact me. We had some good times I thought. I am in Pensacola now on the Gulf Coast. We are doing ok but we could really use some help. Maybe someone will have a benefit concert for us. I wrote a song called Bijou Dreams I was hoping to have Dave help me with it. Betty Henderson Bourne


    1. Are you the one who sang “Angel From Montgomery” at the Holiday Inn in his “One Way Ticket to Paradise” album? I thought that was a great album. Still play those two songs combined for a great flashback to wonderful times. I was raised in Pensacola and loved it there. Hope all worked out for you in your time of need. Gary McCrea


  4. Fans of Dave should know that, in addition to writing lyrics, he also composed the beautiful, timeless composition that is the theme song to the annual springtime CBS broadcast of the Masters Golf Championship.


  5. Ask Dave about a little tune he called ” The white seat of releaf”. Buddy Hines of Virginia High School-Bristol


  6. If anyone knows if he still does concerts let us all know. I just retired and would travel anywhere in the lower 48 to see him. His voice and songs cut straight to the heart!


  7. Dave Loggins was and still is my friend even though we had a parting of the ways. He has a family in Tennessee and was very good friends with Ann Denver and Ann Murray who I thought made a good duet. Glad it worked out. Maybe I will see him again if his wandering ways finds him where I live. My husband is not well so I don’t travel much anymore


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