Some Stray Cats Are Musical

Listening to music while flipping through old family pictures today, I encountered an interesting coincidence. Just as I was enjoying a tune by the rockabilly revival group Stray Cats, I happened to run across a photo that included a kitten.

More about the music later, but let’s talk about the picture. It’s from a color slide that is well over fifty years old, and it shows my sister and me on either side of a friend kittenof mine. The three of us seem to be doing some kind of mysterious hand-thing that might or might not have something to do with the tiny kitten that is sitting on his lap.

I’m not a dedicated cat lover but I don’t dislike them either, and I remember that we sometimes had them around the house. My sister was probably showing my friend her new pet and at some point in the process we began teasing her about something. It’s an activity that older brothers (and their friends) engage in regularly, and we were no exceptions. I’d guess that we were playing keepaway and tormenting her, but I’d also guess that she didn’t mind that much.

But back to the musical side of things, which is after all why we’re here. The Stray Cats had several big sellers in the early 1980s, helping maintain a revitalization of rockabilly music. Headed by Brian Setzer, the group hit the charts with a number of good songs, including “Rock This Town,” (video below) “(She’s) Sexy+17,” and my favorite, “Stray Cat Strut.”


2 thoughts on “Some Stray Cats Are Musical

  1. Be still my heart! Your friend Johnny there was my first real crush! He was such a hottie! That dimple! That cleft in his chin! But I digress…heh,heh. I think he must have been nice too because he tolerated me pretty well.


  2. I thought that might have been the case, but wasn’t positive — which is why I hinted at it by writing, “I’d also guess that she didn’t mind that much”.😉


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