Album Of The Year

As the Geezer Music Club enters its third calendar year of existence, it occurred to me that it might be fun to institute something new. Soooo…I thought I’d take a shot at naming our very first Album Of The Year. (With hopefully many more to come.)

Having reviewed about a zillion new albums – over seventy in 2007 alone – I feel like I’m at least semi-qualified to be naming a favorite for the year. But even if you might not agree with my qualifications, hopefully you’ll still give my choice a fair hearing.

Let’s get on with it. This is where I tell you how I carefully considered all the albums I’ve reviewed this year, listening to each and every one endlessly until my ears were worn to nubs, before finally coming to a thoughtful, well-considered choice.

Nope. Didn’t happen that way. Truth is, my decision was ridiculously easy. It was actually made in October when I first reviewed Wolfgang’s Big Night Out from the Brian Setzer Orchestra. The album reached out, grabbed me by the front of my shirt and slapped me silly. (No, not literally — work with me here, OK?)

After all, it’s an outstanding example of one of my favorite kinds of music — updated big-band versions of timeless classical masterpieces. And if that‘s not enough, Setzer’s strong background in pop music (with the Stray Cats) provided even more oomph, resulting in an exciting sound that was impossible for me to resist.

But never mind me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this album to anyone who loves good music and is open to a new listening experience. That’s you, right?



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