Tim Hardin Traded Songs With Bobby Darin

The career of folk singer/songwriter Tim Hardin came to a tragic end when he died in 1980, but his story is still a fascinating one. The composer of a number of familiar songs, he was also a soulful singer whose best-selling record was of a song written by someone else -- Bobby Darin. But that … Continue reading Tim Hardin Traded Songs With Bobby Darin

Plumbing: A Life-Long Nemesis

A recent plumbing repair (having our water heater replaced) has once again reminded me how much I hate anything to do with it. For a lot of years I tried to do my own repairs and usually just made things worse. In fact, I always said that I could make a leak worse just by … Continue reading Plumbing: A Life-Long Nemesis

The Crooning Side Of Bobby Darin

Regular visitors to the GMC know that I enjoy writing about crooners, and have also explored the definition of the term and whether it is even considered a compliment. (See From Sinatra To Rod Stewart – The Crooner Conundrum.) But not every singer is a crooner, and some guys are a little hard to classify -- … Continue reading The Crooning Side Of Bobby Darin