Yes, Bent Fabric Is For Real

I always thought Bent Fabric -- the pianist and composer who had a big hit with "Alley Cat" in 1962 -- had picked a strange stage name, one that sounded like a folded piece of cloth. But it turns out that it's almost his real name. The Danish-born musician, who is now in his nineties … Continue reading Yes, Bent Fabric Is For Real

Bent Fabric Is For Real

Although his name might sound like a piece of clothing in dire need of ironing, Bent Fabric -- who had a huge Grammy-winning hit in the early Sixties with the annoyingly addictive "Alley Cat" -- is a real person. The Danish-born composer and pianist, whose actual name is the much trickier to remember Bent Fabricius-Bjerre, … Continue reading Bent Fabric Is For Real