The Honeys’ Connection To The Beach Boys 

You might not remember a 1960s singing trio named the Honeys (or the Rovell Sisters, or even Ginger and the Snaps, depending on when you heard them). After all, the girls didn't have any Top Ten hits during their relatively short career even though they did make some good records. But they had a few … Continue reading The Honeys’ Connection To The Beach Boys 

Echoes Of The Beach Boys

I've written several pieces recently about groups like the Knickerbockers and the Buckinghams, two American bands in the Sixties who attempted to emulate the success of British groups like the Beatles. But popular groups of all kinds have always had their imitators, and it's sometimes fun to rediscover one like the Trade Winds, who seemed … Continue reading Echoes Of The Beach Boys

Glenn Campbell And The Bogus Beach Boys

In all fairness to the 1960s group known as the Hondells, it's probably a little misleading to call them "bogus". In fact, they were a bunch of solid musicians who did manage to generate some good sounds that were very reminiscent of the Beach Boys -- but the group wasn't quite what it might have … Continue reading Glenn Campbell And The Bogus Beach Boys