A Sculpture Double-Header

Anyone who is a long-time visitor to the GMC might recall that I’ve generated a number of posts featuring slideshows of unusual sculptures. I’ve always been fascinated by the imagination and talent it takes to create these (the sculptures, not my posts) and I’m always happy to find some new examples.

In the past I’ve featured sculptures of everything from sand to snow, from butter (!) to baseball bats. In fact, there are so many to look at that I’m not going to try to furnish all the links for you to click on. But I would urge you to do a GMC search for SCULPTURES and it should give you lots of choices to get a chuckle.

It’s been a long time since the last one so I thought I’d do a sort of double-header. The sculptures in the slideshow below are a mixed bag, with no particular characteristics in common except that I found them all interesting and in some cases a little creepy. Below the slideshow is part two of our sculpture double-header, a musical video showcasing some amazing paper sculptures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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