Do You Believe This?

I think most visitors know about what’s been happening with me — heart attack, long extensive surgery and rehab — but I was getting much better. That is, I was until earler this week when I fell and broke my hip!

That’s right folks, I’m back in the hospital and facing another rehah. Sheesh.

8 thoughts on “Do You Believe This?

  1. Wow! That really sucks. Breaking a hip is one of the worst. Do you suffer from bone loss like I do? Take good care of yourself Geezer.


    1. Thanks for writing. No I don’t think I have bone loss…just brain loss when I do somethng stupid like tripping and breaking my hip. 😉


  2. I am a fellow faller and have broken my shoulder and my cheek. I have had sprains, too many to count, so I can totally emphasize with you. I wish you a quick recovery.


    1. Good to hear from you. As it happens, I just got home today from my latest adventure. It will take me a while to get up to speed and begin posting again, but I;m intending to get there. Of course, I’ve always been an optimist, even when I probably shouldn’t. 🙂


  3. Just now reading about your accident. So sorry BG but I can truly relate. I spend most of my waking moments just waiting for a similar mishap. Sometimes I am very unstable when walking and then of course, there are those times when you convince yourself you can do attempt some physical action that only an idiot would even consider trying like using a ladder.

    Take care and hope you enjoy rehab… I hated it and I only spent two weeks there. I assume it will be much longer for your. At any rate, take care my friend. Alan


    1. Thanks, Alan. You are so right about how it is, and the other thing about it is that you sometimes taking silly chances. i’m back home now and am taking everything slow and careful, rather than pushing it like I did before. 😉


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