Ruby Slippers And The Music Of The Wizard Of Oz


A recent news article about the FBI recovering Dorothy’s famous ruby slippers, thirteen years after they were stolen from a Museum in Minnesota, got me to thinking about The Wizard Oz. And since my thoughts often revolve around music, I also began thinking about the music from the movie.

Of course, the iconic song from the movie is Judy Garland’s “Over The Rainbow”.

But there was a lot of other music in the film, most of it kind of silly, but it’s fun to listen to it and reminiscence, so let’s do that. Our little concert is in no particular order but let’s start with the wonderful Ray  Bolger as the scarecrow, singing “If I Only Had A Brain”.

And then we have the characters beginning their journey to see the wizard.

And their arrival at their destination.

And we’ll close with everybody rejoicing over the demise of the wicked witch.

A classic movie that has withstood the test of time.



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