Writer’s Block Takes Its Toll On BG

My first post since I came back from my medical problems (the last two I posted were actually written months ago) needs to be a special one, but I’m having trouble getting started. Even though I’m home now after something like three months of medical issues, I’m keeping pretty busy with regular home visits from nurses, therapists, and the like, and of course dialysis three days a week. . .but that’s another story. And everybody has plenty of problems of their own so they don’t want to read about mine.cup.png

I had thought I might write about the Young Rascals, whose song “Good Lovin'” kept going through my head. (You know it, right? They keep singing “Doctor, doctor”). But then I discovered that I’d already written about the group, seven years ago.

So I set this one aside for a while and occupied myself with improving the look of the GMC. Have given it a new color scheme, new artwork, and a font that’s a little more readable. (At least on my monitor — hope it is on yours too.)

But now I’m back to finishing this post, and I finally decided to make it all about my case of writer’s block and finish it by posting one of my favorite music videos.




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