The Skyliners Introduced A Classic Heartbreaker

If you set out on a quest to find the ultimate teenage heartbreak song from the 1950s, there would be plenty of candidates. I can think of a few myself and I’m sure the same is true for you. But I bet we’d both include the Skyliners’ “Since I Don’t Have You” on our list. sky

The original Skyliners came together in Pittsburgh, when lead singer Jimmy Beaumont was joined by Wally Lester, Jack Taylor, Joe Verscharen, and Janet Vogel. All had already spent some time in earlier singing groups, but finally hit pay dirt when they recorded their teen ballad in 1958. Although it never quite reached the top of the charts, it became a big favorite for many fans while also giving a boost to the group’s popularity.

Like many groups of the era, the Skyliners went through some ups and downs but never found another hit as big as the first. The quintet did have some success with several other records though. Both “This I Swear” and “Pennies from Heaven” were moderate hits and a few others did well, but by 1963 the original Skyliners had pretty much dissolved.

The members of the group were not necessarily finished with music, however. Most stayed musically active in subsequent years, and various versions of the group reformed from time to time. Jimmy Beaumont was usually involved, and in recent years he has been leading a reconstituted Skyliners on the oldies circuit.

skycdThe Skyliners – “This I Swear”

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