Diamonds In The Rough – Part IX

This is the ninth edition of Diamonds In The Rough, the Special Feature that gives newer visitors to the GMC the chance to Diamonds-logo-bluesee some of our favorite posts from the past. Come to think of it, our regulars might want to take another look at these too. Sometimes things are just as much fun the second time around.

Of course, some of those same regulars have probably noticed that the series has progressed by date — it other words, we’ve gradually worked our way from posts that first appeared in 2006 to those below, which were published in 2012 and early 2013. That means we’re getting so close to current posts that we might not do these quite as often. But I think this one still works pretty well.

diacdThe Diamonds – “The Stroll”


3D Has Been Around For A Long Time

Personal experiences with REAL 3D.

The Saga Of Little Georgie Gobel

One of the most-loved guys in show business.

The Little Sparrow – Édith Piaf

She is still a legendary figure in France.

Lucky Strike Sweetheart Dorothy Collins

She was a lot more adventurous that you’d think.

And Another Childhood Icon Bites The Dust

Not exactly ‘PC’ but still fun.

That Scandalous Song

An interesting history for a song with meaning.

Rockabilly’s Sparkle Moore Inspired By Comics

I wonder what Dick Tracy would have thought?

The Mystery Of Charly McClain

One of the most popular posts on the GMC.

Edd ‘Kookie’ Byrnes – Artist With A Comb

Remember when our hair was sort of like that?

Walter Brennan — Recording Star?

He had not just one but two best-sellers.

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