Diamonds In The Rough — Part VIII

Welcome to the eighth edition of Diamonds in the Rough, the diamondSpecial Feature that offers links to a variety of posts from the past that I think you might find interesting. They’re definitely some of my favorites, but then that’s kind of the whole idea.

Regular visitors to the GMC might recognize a few of these because we’re starting to work our way into posts that originated just two or three years ago, but maybe they’re worth a second look anyhow. Of course, the subtext here is that Diamonds in the Rough might be approaching the end. . .but we’re not quite there yet.

vencdThe Ventures – “Diamonds”


Ricky Nelson Loved The Collins Kids

Read all about the teen idol’s real-life romantic interest.

Jess Stacy’s Unforgettable Moment

Read about – and listen to – a historical moment from Carnegie Hall.

Australia Has More Than Its Share Of Nasty Critters

One of the GMC’s regulars describes a lot of creepy-crawlies.

Tonettes Two Ways

Gotta love those childhood memories.

Life Is Like A Box Of Chiclets

In spite of the title, this is not about Forrest Gump.

Sing Like An Egyptian

Be sure to watch BOTH videos.

It Seemed So Much Longer At The Time

Lucy, you got some ‘splaining to do!

Johnny Cash’s Surprising OOPS

One of his most famous songs had an iffy pedigree.

Knife-Throwing Tougher Than It Looks

More fun from  BG’s childhood.

Return Of The Knife Guy

And finally a follow-up to the previous knife post.

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