Diamonds In The Rough — Part VII

dia.jpgAs I was writing this — the seventh edition of our special feature known as Diamonds In The Rough — it occurred to me that the process needed just a little fine-tuning. Nothing drastic, mind you. After all, the basic idea of giving new visitors (and veterans with spotty memories) the chance to take a look at some of our more interesting posts from the past is still the main purpose.

But I’ve tweaked things just a little, by adding a brief description to each of the headings in the list. Hopefully it will pique your curiosity a little more than just the title, and help guide you to those you’d find interesting. Of course, I think they’re all pretty good (blush) so I hope you’ll eventually make your way through the whole list.

And as always, a little appropriately-titled music.

diacdJohnnyswim – “Diamonds”


Shame On You, Spade Cooley

A sad and tragic detour on his road to lasting fame.

About That Grass Mowing Thing

An embarrassing moment from BG’s boyhood.

Rock & Roll Comes To Lawrence Welk

The King of Square tried to get with the times.

Picnics And Music – The Curious Case Of Moonglow

One of the most memorable and popular song pairings of all time.

The Little Car That Could

Anyone who has ever taken a long highway trip will recognize themselves.

Mr. Peanut Makes An Appearance

He’s still kicking after a hundred years or so, and still evoking vivid memories.

Getting To Know The Triplets

You’ve got to give this musical film a chance. You’ll love it.

Remembering The Real True Grit

Surprise – the subject of this piece is neither of the two Western movies.

Der Bingle — Reinventing The Art Of Crooning

So what was Bing Crosby’s secret?

Eddie Peabody Will Now Play For You

Memories of one of the best bloopers of all time.


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