Diamonds In The Rough – Part VI

I have to confess that Diamonds in the Rough was originally meant to be a limited feature diaroughbecause I didn’t think I’d find enough interesting posts from the past to keep it going for too long. As it turns out, we’re up to part VI and it probably won’t be the last.

Of course, the possibility exists that I’ve set the bar too low, but so far I’ve only listed sixty posts out of of almost 1400 published, so that would seem to indicate that I’m being reasonably selective. As long as I can keep finding old posts that tickle my fancy then I’d say it’s worth doing. Hopefully they’ll tickle your fancy too — everybody needs that once in a while.

crycdThe Lost Vegas – “Diamonds”


In Search Of A Salty Dog

Zoot And The Evolution Of Cool

The Nature Of Musical Nostalgia

The Captain Meets His Match

A Porcine Song With A Message

Steve Allen – Modern Renaissance Man

Laura Lives On – Musically

Chattanooga Has Inspired Classic Songs

Groundhog Day And Dad’s Polkas

Have Guitar, Will Travel – Johnny Western

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