The Delightful Dozen – The Top Posts Of All Time

Here’s a idea that occurred to me when I started thinking about how the same few articles seem to show up again and again under the ‘Busiest Posts Lately’ section in the left column. Obviously there’s Dozen_Donutssomething about them that keeps bringing people back and that’s great, but there are actually a lot of other posts that have built up quite a following over time but seldom get spotlighted there.

I could change the gizmo to show more than three posts but it would look kind of silly if I made it REALLY big, so I decided to go at it in a different way.  What we have below is a list of the twelve top posts of all time (measured by the number of visitors). I call it the Delightful Dozen.

And we need some music for the occasion, so how about this?

cdcdCharles Earland – “More Today Than Yesterday”


(1) The REAL Eddy Duchin Story

I’m not going to show the totals for all the posts on the list, but this one from 2010 is kind of special. Every time TCM shows The Eddy Duchin Story on TV, this post gets looked at by at least 2,000 folks. The total is now over 17,000, which is way ahead of all the others. (It has also spurred 35 comments.)

(2) Origins Of Rock And Roll – Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith

One of the earliest posts on the list, this one from 2007 has also been one of the most controversial in some ways. The comments section includes a lively discussion about the history of the music.

(3) REVIEW: Johnny Mathis – Gold: A 50th Anniversary Celebration

Another post from the early days, this one from 2006 – the first year of the GMC – was a review of a special album, and the singer’s many fans have kept it a popular one.

(4) A Group Called Smith

I have no idea why this simple little post from 2009 is in 4th place on the list, but according to the WordPress stats that’s where it ranks. Sort of a puzzle.

(5) Dave Loggins – Kenny’s Talented Cousin

Another post from 2009 — must have been a good year.

(6) Jimmy Clanton Is Still Rockin’

This one from 2011 is so popular that Jimmy himself even stopped in and added a comment.

(7) Willie Nelson – The Early Years

Another one from 2006, the first year of the GMC. Everybody likes Willie.

(8) BOOK REVIEW: The Lucky Strike Papers by Andrew Lee Fielding

Something a little different – a review of a book – but it was definitely related to music and nostalgia. The author’s mother was a singer on the original musical TV show. This post from 2008 also had some fireworks in the comments section.

(9) Marilyn Monroe The Singer

From 2011, a tribute to the singing side of an unforgettable screen icon.

(10) Harry James – More Than Just Betty Grable’s Hubby

In tenth position, a piece from 2007 about a great trumpeter with a famous wife.

(11) Swing Music In The Movies — The MTV Of Its Day

One of the earliest posts on the GMC, from September of 2006.

(12) Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez And His Happy Organ

And finally, bringing up the rear is a feel-good post from 2009, one that includes 39 comments, many of them from the artist’s family and friends.

2 thoughts on “The Delightful Dozen – The Top Posts Of All Time

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that a number of your posts have large followings. Although my favorite didn’t make your Top Dozen I have it bookmarked and often give it a click to check and see if there has been any additional action. Although the post was specifically about the “Danleers” (The Danleers – One-Hit-Plus-Wonders), the interaction on the post eventually led to me finding an unrelated song that I had been searching for, for a very, very long time.


  2. You’re right, that particular post has always been pretty active. Thanks for writing and confirming what I’ve always hoped, that the GMC would become both a meeting place and a source. And thanks for your loyalty — you’re one of our long-time favorites.


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