Diamonds In The Rough – Part V

The first four editions of our Diamonds In The Rough feature have made their appearance about one month apart, so this time around I guess we’re running behind that uncutschedule — but the purpose of the post is still the same. Below is a list of noteworthy efforts from the past that you might find worth a look. (Or a second look, if you’re a long-time regular at the GMC.)

As always, I’ve tried to pick out some that not only include nostalgia but a touch of humor, and hopefully some good info too.


diacdDiamonds – “Little Darlin”


Whippoorwills And Whippersnappers

Mysterious Musical Occurrences

Rebel Without A Clue

Reality vs The Waltons

From Poolrooms To Bandstands – Remembering Fats

Another Appearance From Mr. O

The Longest Walk Of My Life

Speaking Up In Defense Of Cooties

The Winky-Dink Revolution

Not Every Clover Brings Good Luck

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