Diamonds In The Rough – Part I

AG00381_I guess I might be tooting my own horn, but today I’m introducing a new Special Feature that’s sort of dependent on my opinion of myself — or at least of my writing ability. Let me explain. I’ve been doing this for over 7 years and there are more than 1300 individual articles, and I got to thinking about something. How in the world would a new visitor — or even a regular for that matter — find some of the better pieces? You can always do a search for specific performers or subjects, and I’d like to think that all the posts are pretty good in one way or the other, but what if you just want to find a more expansive article that’s informative, interesting, and probably chock full of juicy nostalgia?

Sounds to me like a good opportunity for a new Special Feature, one I’m going to call Diamonds In The Rough — posts that might deserve a second look. They’re not necessarily the most popular (although some are) or those with the most comments, but I think you’ll find that they are a little special, and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them.

Below is the first bunch. More will follow from time to time — after all, Diamonds In The Rough is now a special feature!

sbdcdShirley Bassey – “Diamonds Are Forever”

—————— Diamonds In The Rough —————

Pokeweed: A Southern Staple That Inspired a Classic Blues Song

Was Benny Goodman A Doppelganger?

From Sinatra To Rod Stewart – The Crooner Conundrum

From Billie Holiday To Doris Day – The Songbirds

Brothers Who Swing — Musically

Graveyards, Outhouses And Musical Memories

Who Was The Real All-American Boy? Elvis, Bobby Bare, Or…

Warming Up To Hank Snow On The Philco

Did Rock & Roll Kill Your Hit Parade?

Dinner With Clint Eastwood – Music By Frankie Laine

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