Do You Remember The Dream Weavers?

During the many years that Ed Sullivan hosted a TV variety show, he always made it a point to feature the newest and hottest musical stars. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of his show during my teen years, it seemed to always be on at our house so I probably saw a number of those acts. I might have even happened upon the Dream Weavers, a trio that had a huge hit in 1956 with a song called “It’s Almost Tomorrow,” but I have to admit I don’t remember them. Do you?dw

For the Dream Weavers, it all started earlier in the decade when Miami teenagers Wade Buff and Gene Adkinson became friends while they were members of the Greater Miami Boys’ Drum and Bugle Corps. They also enjoyed singing and composing songs together, an activity that continued when they entered the University of Florida. Not long after, they won a campus talent show and were then given a program of their own on a local radio station. It was their gateway to a professional career.

With Buff as the lead singer and Adkinson accompanying on baritone, they often added harmony by using one of several different female singers, including Mary Rude (who would later marry Buff). The radio show built up a fan base in addition to providing the name Dream Weavers (the result of an audience participation contest). It also helped popularize a song the guys had written in their high school days and were now using as the show’s closing theme song — “It’s Almost Tomorrow” — and that led to the next step in the process.

In 1955 Decca Records signed the Dream Weavers to make a single of the song, and when it came out later that year it began to build on the charts. The group’s appearance on Ed Sullivan’s show early in 1956 was followed by one on Perry Como’s program, and the song eventually rose into the Top Ten on American charts and made it to Number One in the UK. But the Dream Weavers would not have the same kind of success with subsequent records, although they had good sellers with songs like “A Little Love Can Go A Long Long Way” and “Is There Somebody Else.” Buff soon left the group (and divorced Mary Rude), and a replacement singer was tried — but then Adkinson was drafted and everybody went their separate ways. The Dream Weavers were history.

Dream Weavers – “Is There Somebody Else”

Dream Weavers – “It’s Almost Tomorrow”


5 thoughts on “Do You Remember The Dream Weavers?

  1. I remember the song “It’s Almost Tomorrow” quite well; I could even sing it for you (although you really wouldn’t want to hear that). However, if you asked me who sang it I’d have drawn a blank. Fortunately, there’s always Dr Google for that sort of thing.


  2. I served with them in the Greater Boys Drum and Bugle Corp for a short time during our high school days. Great guys, friendly to all.


  3. I remember the dream weavers, it was one of the first records,when i was sixteen and from London U.K. i ever got, i am now 81 and still love all that music from the fifties/sixties, it was a great time to be alive, miss it, Jim


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