The DeJohn Sisters Gave It Their All

You gotta hand it to the singing DeJohn Sisters. They had very little professional experience when they first hit the recording studio in 1955, but their record of a song they’d written with their brother — “(My Baby Don’t Love Me) No More” — rocketed into the Top Ten, and the duo figured they’d found the road to success as musical stars. Although things didn’t work out quite that way, they certainly gave it everything they had.


Dux and Julie DeGiovanni were the daughters of a dry cleaner in Chester, Pennsylvania, but they had no interest in the family business. They’d watched the rising fame of the Four Aces, a local group that had found national stardom in the early 1950s, and had even gotten their feet wet by performing in the same club. The girls decided they also had what it took to make it in the music business, and they soon managed to land a record contract.

Their big hit record wasn’t actually the duo’s first attempt — that would be “Should I Run?” — but “(My Baby Don’t Love Me) No More” was by far their biggest, and would turn out to be their only Top Ten record. The sisters certainly tried their best. Over the next few years they worked hard, wrote lots of songs, and changed record companies periodically, but stardom didn’t materialize. Songs like “Mine Alone,” “Twisting on the Bandstand Show,” “Wrong Guy,” and “Angel Passed By” just didn’t strike a chord with the record-buying public.

Eventually the DeJohn Sisters disappeared into music history, but they did leave something behind other than their music. As they had been inspired by the success of the Four Aces, they in turn inspired a later group, the Bonnie Sisters — but that’s a story for another day.

dejohncdDeJohn Sisters – “(My Baby Don’t Love Me) No More”

7 thoughts on “The DeJohn Sisters Gave It Their All

  1. Have a question: I have a record by Mimi Martel on the Gilmar label of “No More”. After listening to IT & then listening to The DeJohn Sisters version on Epic, I came to the conclusion that they are the same group. Everything is Exactly the same. Why is there no mention of The DeJohn sisters in the Mimi Martel discography AND No mention of Mimi Martel in the DeJohn Sisters discography?????? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks very much! Richard Ochoa


  2. Maybe one of our regulars can help, Richard. Mimi Martel does show up briefly on Amazon music, but Allmusic and Wikipedia don’t have anything about her, and I’m afraid I don’t either.


  3. No More (“My Baby Don’t Love Me No More”) was written by Leo DeJohn. He was Julie and Dux DeJohn’s brother.


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