A Salute To The Girls of the Golden West

One of the most interesting acts of the early days of country music was a pair of sisters who called themselves the Girls of the Golden West. Rising to popularity via radio in the late 1920s and early 1930s, they found a lot of success on the broadcast waves and in record sales while dressing like cowgirls, singing Western songs and yodeling — but they were a little more sophisticated than fans thought.gwg

Mildred and Dorothy (Dolly) Good were born near St. Louis and grew up entertaining family members with the popular music of the era, but when they began to work professionally they went for the twangy kind of music. They named themselves the Girls of the Golden West (possibly to connect to the success of a popular stage play of the era, Girl of the Golden West), adopted cowgirl outfits, and claimed to hail from Muleshow, Texas.

Dolly was just fourteen when they started (Mildred was two years older) but she was usually the lead singer and also played some guitar. People loved them and they soon became a popular radio attraction in St Louis and beyond. Eventually relocating to Chicago and receiving national coverage, they later became stars on the influential WLS National Barn Dance radio show and also made a lot of successful records.

Their popularity continued through the 1940s, but eventually began to lessen. The girls always had a preference for pop music anyway, and they began to mix more and more of it into their act. But they continued to fade, and by the early 1960s they’d pretty much become part of the history of country music.

gwgcdGolden Girls Of The West – “When It’s Roundup Time In Texas”

One thought on “A Salute To The Girls of the Golden West

  1. that’s why they were my aunts and every holiday at my grandmother’s house she was sit around and they would play and sing it was astounding


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