The Brook Brothers – Britain’s Answer To The Everlys

A couple of years back the GMC spotlighted the Kalin Twins, an early rock and roll duo often compared to the Everly Brothers. The Kalins and the Everlys were both American duos who were also very popular in Great Britain, so we’re kind of completing the circle today by featuring the Brook Brothers, a British pair with a lot of

Geoff and Ricky Brook looked a lot alike and were often assumed to be twins (which they didn’t discourage) but Ricky was actually three years older. The brothers were born in Hampshire, England, and their last name was actually Brooks, but the ‘S’ got lost somewhere along the way. (So they wouldn’t be mistaken for the menswear company?)

The Brooks originally broke into professional music in the 1950s as practitioners of skiffle (more about that British favorite HERE) but after noticing the success of the Everlys and others, they made a few adjustments. It must have worked, because by the late 1950s the brothers were touring with stars like Cliff Richard and also selling a lot of records — although they were mostly covers like “Greenfields,” a song made into a hit by the Brother Four. However, their success allowed them to persevere and record some songs of their own, and they had several good ones, including what was probably their most-remembered, “Warpaint.”

They also did a little British TV and even managed a screen appearance in Richard Lester’s 1962 teen movie It’s Trad, Dad! (aka Ring-A-Ding Rhythm – video below), but things wound down pretty quickly after that. Within a few years the Brook Brothers’ musical career was pretty much just a memory.

bbcdBrook Brothers – “Warpaint”

6 thoughts on “The Brook Brothers – Britain’s Answer To The Everlys

  1. are there any one from the old mates who were at the party with the brook brothers at westbury road with graham who lost his life on a motorbike


  2. They used to do concerts at my secondary school in Basingstoke which in the 60’s was fairly new and had a large stage. They came from just down the A30 in Winchester. They were so good. Shame they lost popularity. I wonder where they are now. Does anyone remember seeing them at the Shrubbery?


  3. I worked for their manager, Peter Walsh, in the office in Henrietta Street, Covent Garden (when the market was still there). I used to type all the contracts, take the phone calls, type the letters, meet and greet on reception – I remember very well the Brook Brothers – I was 17 years old and totally captivated by them! I have always wondered what happened to them, and, indeed, everyone who worked in the office at the time. I was working there at the time that Mr Walsh brought over Roy Orbison who I met several times, went to his concerts (thank you to my boss) and he, too, was very charming. It was a great place to work and I often think of it. I went on to work in the travel industry so took off in a completely different direction – but my happy memories are always there. Anyone who knows anything about anyone from those days please please contact me.


    1. I remember Geoff and Ricki when they were at Brighton Hippodrome. I worked on the lighting and one night Geoff was on the back of my Lambretta as we were chased by screaming girls from the back of the stage door. Great memories.


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