Dave Brubeck Was A True Jazz Icon

By now, most of us have read that legendary jazzman Dave Brubeck has died, just one day before what would have been his 92nd birthday. Amazingly, he was musically active — and relevant — almost to the end.brutime

You can read about him in any one of a number of extended obituary pieces that are available online, but since he had already made many appearances on the GMC — and because he was special to me — I decided to approach my posting a little differently.

Below are links to four of the GMC pieces that have featured him. On each of those I’ve reactivated a song (which you can also access in the left column).

At the bottom I’ve placed a video of Brubeck’s quartet performing an extended, richly improvisational version its best-known song.

From 2006, one of the first posts on the Geezer Music Club was one I titled The Early Days Of Modern Jazz…

A little later that year came a review of an album: REVIEW: Dave Brubeck Quartet – Best Of Brubeck 1979-2004

In 2008 was another review of an album: REVIEW: 50 Years Of Dave Brubeck – Live At The Monterey Jazz Festival (1958-2007)

And finally, a quirky little post from 2010: Bye-Bye To Brubeck Bossa Nova

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