Bringing The Past To Life

In an earlier post, I described my memories of how folks used to hand-tint family pictures, performing the only kind of ‘photoshopping’ that was possible in that era. But things have changed a lot in the art of retouching, and nowhere is that more evident than what is now being done with iconic old pictures.

I suppose some might find the colorizing of historical images to be wrong, but no one would deny that the practice adds a startling element of realism. It’s almost magical. (Remember, if you want the time to study a picture more closely you can mouse over it and press the button that appears.)

Sir Roland Hanna – “Colors From A Giant’s Kit”

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3 thoughts on “Bringing The Past To Life

  1. I guess this type of colorization has been going on for quite a while, but I hadn’t realized how far they’d come until I saw a recent story in Time magazine about Lincoln. I was amazed at how life-like he looked.


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