Summer Hits Hot And Dry — And Fiery

No, that’s not a picture of my back yard. But that’s how it seems around here, because we’ve had a really long, worrisome dry spell. And that’s coming from someone who usually doesn’t mind a little dry weather because it keeps my lawn from growing too fast. (I’ve often expressed my dislike for yard-work in general and lawn-mowing in particular.)

But it’s not just dry, it’s also very, very hot. As I write this (late Thursday afternoon) it is 103, and they’re forecasting temperatures of 100 or higher for several days in a row. That might be old hat for those who live in some areas, but around here that’s unheard of.

And of course the combination of hot and dry is increasing the risk of wildfires everywhere, like the one in Colorado that’s all over the news lately. (And yes, I know the song below is actually about a lady and her horse — but the name sure fits!)

Michael Martin Murphey – “Wildfire” 

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