Appalachian Memories Of The Imagined Kind

Whenever I see pictures or films that depict early scenes from Appalachia I always feel a kinship with the people shown, even though I can’t really be sure whether my family roots stretched that far. But my ancestral history includes lots of folks from Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana, and Eastern Kentucky is considered to be part of Appalachia so maybe I do have a connection.

But to get back to my original point, there’s no doubt that seeing those old pictures of the people and their surroundings stirs my own memories from years ago. It all seems so familiar that I can almost imagine myself there. Of course, in my head it’s all in color.

Osborne Brothers – “Hillbilly Fever”


2 thoughts on “Appalachian Memories Of The Imagined Kind

  1. Every now and then something exceptional comes along. I wanted to let you know that I
    personally enjoyed this and sent the link to several good friends that I know will enjoy it too.
    Thank You for the warmth and memories!


  2. Thanks for the kind words. I thought maybe I’d written too short a piece, but it was a simple point I was trying to make. Even though a lot of the pictures I run across are from before my time, the look of the people and places still seems so familiar — the careworn faces and print dresses of the women, grubby barefoot kids, guys in bib overalls and crumpled hats. I swear one guy looks just like my long-gone grandfather.


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