Ducking Mardi Gras

Well, I guess this year’s Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans is pretty much in the rear view mirror now. And that means that once again I’ve managed to avoid going anywhere near the place while the festival was in full swing.

I’ve written more than once about my fondness for the people, the music, and the food of Southern Louisiana in general and New Orleans in particular. But even though I’ve had several extended stays in the area through the years, none of them have occurred during Mardi Gras.

I’ve just never been eager to be immersed in a large mob of sweaty drunks, each trying to drink more and scream louder than everybody else. In fact, as much as Mardi Gras does for the area’s economy, I’ve learned from local friends that many avoid the whole mess unless they’re directly involved. They say that they leave it to the tourists.

But you might have a different take on it, so those who want to attend the 2013 Mardi Gras should start planning now. You might get in the mood with some color film from 1941 or maybe a little music from a New Orleans legend.

Professor Longhair – “Go To The Mardi Gras”

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