The Nostalgia Well Might Be Drying Up

Regular visitors to the GMC know that we’re mostly about nostalgia and music, with an occasional shot of current events. But one of the situations that arise from something like this being around for so long (six years and a thousand+ posts) is that you start feeling like you’re beginning to scrape the bottom of the barrel of personal memories that drive the nostalgia part of the equation.

Just the act of building a post around things from my past might seem a little nervy but it is one reason that I started all this, and that kind of post does often seem to resonate with readers. But lately it seems as if every memory I dredge up has already appeared here, and — like most geezers — I already repeat myself way too much, so I’d like to try to avoid doing it here.

I guess I’m rambling — another geezer trait — but I’m just saying to please bear with me as I scrounge around in the dark and spooky mineshaft of my memories (my third metaphor, if you’re counting) and I’ll hopefully still find an occasional interesting nugget to share.

And if I do repeat myself. . . .well, I am a geezer.

Tennessee Ernie Ford – “Dark As A Dungeon”

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