The Walker Brothers Were Not What They Seemed

It’s interesting to note that even though the 1960s included a period that’s been described as the British Invasion, music actually flowed both ways in those days. A good example would be an American trio called the Walker Brothers that reached its highest popularity in Great Britain, hitting the top of the charts in 1965 with “Make It Easy On Yourself.” But the guys weren’t exactly what they seemed.

California-born Scott Engel, Gary Leeds, and John Maus were not related at all, but when they decided to try their luck in England in the mid-1960s they billed themselves as the Walker Brothers. Whatever their reasoning, fans took to them almost immediately and made a best-seller out of their first record, “Make It Easy On Yourself.”

The music of the Walker Brothers was definitely not hard-edged rock, featuring crooning vocals that played to the softer side of pop music.  But it proved to be very popular with fans, and the group’s next hit — “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore”– also topped the British charts, further solidifying the star power of the Walker Brothers.

But even though the guys had some similarities to other pop stars — they even sported Beatle-like hair — they fell short in other areas, and things began to slide. The group’s biggest records did only moderately well back in the States, and subsequent releases began to flag even in the British market. By 1967 the guys had gone their separate ways, although — like many from the era — they did occasionally reunite in later years.

Walker Brothers – “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore”

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