Scratching The Gadget Itch

Regular visitors to the ol’ GMC will recall that it was about this time last year that I wrote a piece about how I was contemplating the purchase of an e-reader. It was followed soon after by a post that reported my satisfaction with the one I ended up getting, the Amazon Kindle.

The latter statement is important because when it comes to buying gadgets my record isn’t too good. I have a bad habit of being fascinated by some sort of gizmo that I just have to clutch in my hands, only to later realize that I wasted my money. But I can truthfully say that the Kindle has been one of the exceptions — I use it a lot, every day.

But the way I use it has changed. I’ve found that browsing the web and playing music — two of the uses that allowed me to talk myself into getting it — are almost more trouble than they’re worth. On the other hand, the plentiful supply of free (or cheap) books that are available, along with the fact that the Kindle now works with my local library, means that it has still been a great buy for me.

But thinking about the fun stuff has me again turning into Inspector Gadget. Those affordable new tablets are very tempting. . .

Ska King Crab – “Inspector Gadget Theme”

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