The Happenings Are Happening Again

Like so many other ‘oldies’ groups, the 1960s combo known as The Happenings has been reincarnated in recent years and seems to have found some success, judging from the video below. Some of the original guys are on board (literally, when playing on cruise ships) and are helping recreate the sounds of the past, including big hits like “See You In September” and “I Got Rhythm.”

The original group was a New Jersey-based bunch that came together in the early 1960s, and it included Bob Miranda, David Libert, Tom Giuliano and Ralph DiVito. Over the years there were occasional personnel changes and the member count fluctuated from three to five, but Miranda has been the one constant, and he remains so today.

Back in the 1960s, the group charted highest on the two songs mentioned earlier, but the guys also sold a lot of records with “Go Away Little Girl” and “My Mammy.” For several years, the Happenings seemed to be everywhere at once, doing especially well with TV guest appearances on just about every big show around. Part of the appeal might have been how the guys often took familiar songs — like Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm” — and updated them for a modern audience.

But even though the Happenings seemed bullet-proof for a while, things inevitably slowed down and by the end of the decade the members were going their various ways. The group has restarted from time to time in the decades since with various personnel, but the days of big-time TV stardom are in the past.

The Happenings – “I Got Rhythm”

17 thoughts on “The Happenings Are Happening Again

    1. I JUST heard (Aug 12,2011) that Tom Giuliano passed away!!!!! Does anyone know if this is True, or Not? I personally knew Tommy very well but haven’t seen him since he left NJ and moved to Arizona years ago. At the time I knew him he and his wife Carol, were running a luncheonette in Hawthorne NJ. I’ve been looking all over the Internet to find something I can read, in regards to an Obit, if it’s true. I can’t even find that! Anyone have any info or a Site I can go to, to get some info?


    2. Tom Giulano is alive and well and performing in the band “Flashback” in Fountain Hills, Arizona ! May 11, 2012


  1. my name is Leo Fiorilla from hawthorne,n.j. i too was very close friends with Tommy Giuliano and lost touch when he moved from fair lawn,n.j. to arizona. i tried the internet for info on his passing but to no avail. i won,t give up my friend, rest in peace and my sincerest condolences and regards to you carole—


  2. I was with the Happenings from 1970-1973 when I left to go with The Four Seasons. I have tried to maintain a connection with Bob Miranda but it isn’t easy. I have searched for Tommy for years to know avail. It is difficult to accept that he may have passed away. The group was fun to work with and I have only fond memories of all the musicians and singers.


  3. Tommy is alive and well! We’re close friends with his brother-in-law and, although he doesn’t hear often from Tommy, he assures me that all is well with Tommy and Carol in Arizona.


  4. Whatever happened to Ralph Di Vito? I was his pinochle partner before tne group became famous.( Grand st, Paterson nj )


  5. I had coffee and breakfast with Tom & Carol for years at their luncheonette in Hawthorne, NJ. Tom & I shared Giants tickets for years and I would pick him up at his home and we would tailgate before and after games. Please get the word to them that John, the lawyer from Hawthorne, hopes everything is ok.


    1. John the lawyer…….lol….I know you well my friend. If you had breakfast….and lunch there….you will remember Marc…..big guy……beard……DJ in NYC…….I knew Tom since he was in High School and thru the years performing……and then when he and Carol purchased the luncheonette. John I’m sure you remember video poker ?…….lol…..
      If Tom reads this…I hope all is well with you and carol and the boys. Those were great days…..I do miss them.
      Saw Bobby perform down the shore at an event about two years ago. Took him some time but he remembered me and all the clubs and restaurants and bars through the years.


  6. Last I heard Ralph was living in Vegas working at the casino but I imagine he would be retired by now. I was madly in love with him in the late 70″s, used to hang out at The Cinema Pub in Totowa NJ on Friday nights.Ralph and the guys played cards at the club on Crosby Ave. Lol….such a long time ago.


  7. In the 60’s they played in Johnstown,Pa and had a fight with the drummer and my friend and I took them to Pittsburg,Pa and were to meet them the next day to go with them to Ohio for a show, but I was grounded because of getting home so late….We enjoyed the ride and singing…What ever happened to the Happings ???


  8. I attended Eastside High (a Ghost) w/Tom. I am wondering if his wife Carol, is his highschool girlfriend Carol Abrams, known affectionately as “Chunky” although she was far from being chunky.


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