A Wave From A Happier Time

The earthquake and resulting tsunami (what used to be called a tidal wave) in Japan and elsewhere is a devastating event, and I won’t even begin to try to describe the tragic results. I thought that I would instead write about a different kind of ‘wave’, one from a happier time. It’s a wave that’s always been a favorite of mine — a song of that name written by Brazilian jazz legend Antonio Carlos Jobim.

The song’s alternate title is “Vou Te Contar (I Will Tell You)” but it became popularly known as “Wave,” and was originally an instrumental when Jobim wrote and performed it in 1967. It became a familiar standard for countless jazz musicians, but a couple of years later he added lyrics — meant especially for Ol’ Blue Eyes. (Funny how he keeps showing up here.)

When Sinatra recorded the song, it became notable for a reason other than just being the first vocal version. It also contained the lowest notes he ever hit on a record.

Antonio Carlos Jobim – “Wave”


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