Lion Tacos Raise Hackles

I was a little startled to read that a restaurant in Arizona is adding lion tacos to its menu. Apparently this place is known for serving exotic foods, and has previously filled its tacos with everything from alligator to kangaroo. But still — lion meat?

Even though it’s upsetting to a lot of folks (including me) they say it’s perfectly legal. And I suppose that a vegetarian would offer the opinion that the act of eating any living creature is wrong, so what’s the difference between lion meat and beef or chicken? But even though a part of me understands that, it still just seems wrong. For one thing, a lion is — after all — a cat.

Of course, eating cat is not that unusual in some areas of the world. In parts of South America and even in a few spots around Europe, cat meat is sometimes used in certain traditional dishes.

And then there’s China, where the practice is still pretty common in many southern regions. Which has in turn led to the urban myth that says many Chinese restaurants reside in suspiciously cat-free neighborhoods. It has also created the atmosphere for a lot of tasteless — but often funny — humor. In at least one instance, that has taken the form of a parody of a classic Harry Chapin song.

Harry Chapin – “Cat’s In The Cradle”


5 thoughts on “Lion Tacos Raise Hackles

  1. I’ve always laughed about those Chinese restaurant myths (they are here in Australia as well). After all, it’s a lot easier to obtain chickens than try to grab a feral cat or two (or however many you’d need to prepare a restaurant’s worth of food).


  2. 😀 …. Guess I need to get out more. I have never heard Wierd Al’s version of that great song. And since I don’t eat Chinese food, hopefully catfish is as close as I ever get to eating cat!!


  3. The odd thing about this parody song is that it certainly sounds like Weird Al, but I did some research and couldn’t find it on any of his albums. But there are a lot more youtube videos that use it, and most identify him as the singer.


  4. Well that is interesting! And you did indeed expose the source of my assumption with regard to Weird Al. I also thought his voice maybe a bit strange but if “they” say that’s who it is…. 😕

    However, if it is freelance – it certainly was a commendable one.


  5. Not to beat the subject to death, but there is a guy named Bob Rivers who has a long history as a DJ and parody song performer, and his website has a version of the song on it.


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