Fun With Dodie Stevens

Nothing too heavy today. I just thought we’d have some fun by transporting ourselves back to the days when bubble-gum pop music seemed to be all around us. Helping set the mood are the two videos below, which feature Geraldine Anne Pasquale — better known as Dodie Stevens — with one of 1959’s biggest hits, “Pink Shoe Laces.” The first video includes the original song and gives us a look at many nostalgic pictures from the era. The second video shows a much later live version of the song, featuring Dodie and her daughter.

The Chicago-born singer was only 8 years old when she first began hitting the recording studio in the early 1950s, but she’d already been making regular appearances on regional TV. By the time she was 12, she’d signed a major recording contract and her big hit single soon followed.

Dodie Stevens continued to be a part of pop music for a number of years even though she never had another hit of that magnitude. And — like many stars of the era — she continues even now to entertain from time to time. She even has her own website — just Google her if you’d like to know more.

Dodie Stevens – “Pink Shoe Laces”


3 thoughts on “Fun With Dodie Stevens

  1. No doubt “Pink Shoe Laces” is a musical bookmark for the “50’s Era” but I must confess to you and my musical peers that I was never a real fan of this song.

    It is best I confess all this now because when I die I’m sure Wikileaks will post the fact that Dodie’s record was found near the bottom of my record collection stack! 🙂

    But…..she was a cutie!


  2. In a similar vein, I might remind everyone that I am a fan of the history of music, and I love to tell the stories of the stars — but am not necessarily a fan of every song I feature. 😉


  3. Saw Dodie and her daughter Stephanie in concert a few years back , Mentor OH they really had things rockin , amazing , Beautiful ladies . Stole my heart ❤️


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