Olds Convertibles – Then And Now

During my teen years, I often rode shotgun with a buddy of mine who had a snazzy sky-blue Oldsmobile convertible. My own car was an old Buick often described as the ‘Kitchen Cabinet Special’. (The origin of that name is spelled out in an earlier piece, Rebel Without A Clue.) I have to admit that I always envied him his Olds, which had a cool factor that I could never hope to approach in my clunker.

But my buddy’s car would still have fallen far short of the Olds in the slideshow below. It’s an amazingly restored 1954 F-88 Dream Car; a ‘concept’ model that never actually made it into production. It’s on display at the Gateway Colorado Automobile Museum and represents an investment of over 3 million dollars. (Our thanks for the pictures go out to one of our regular readers.)

For some appropriate music let’s turn to resonator-guitarist Lou Wamp, who recorded a song with a title that might seem to suggest a bad Olds. But I prefer to think that “Oldsmobile Brokedown” owes its name to ‘breakdown’, the bluegrass term for a solo-driven tune.

Lou Wamp – “Oldsmobile Brokedown”

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