Free Alice In Wonderland

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. I’m not leading the effort to free Alice from imprisonment in Wonderland. If she’s still in Wonderland, she’s probably perfectly happy cavorting with all the strange creatures.

Nope, the title of this piece is a cheesy way for me to get your attention, and then tell you how you can get a free download of one of the songs from the soundtrack of the new film, Alice In Wonderland.

The movie has hit theaters with a ton of publicity, most of it centered around either the 3-D aspects or Johnny Depp’s surrealistic Mad Hatter characterization. However, it’s obvious that other avenues of promotion are being tried, and one of those is that you can have  some of the music — free — by visiting Amazon.

The track that’s being offered is called “Alice’s Theme,” and you can listen to a couple of minutes of it below. If you like the extended sample and want the entire track, just click on the album link. (Later…sorry, both the sample and the free download at Amazon have expired.)

3 thoughts on “Free Alice In Wonderland

  1. Thanks for the tip on the download….

    I am not sure I will ever see the movie, perhaps whenever it makes it way to one of the premium cable channels but I will voice this personal opinion. I don’t think they could have found anyone better to play the role of the Mad Hatter. In these type roles, Mr. Depp seems to excel!


  2. You’re right, he does. But he’s done it so much that you can almost predict him for this type of role. It would be interesting if someone out of left field would do it once in a while.


  3. The movie was great! johnny deep is pretty awesome! love the 3D effects. You should watch this one on cinema. But if you don’t have the money you can find lots of videos online, you can watch the movie here (REMOVED) not sure if it is still available.

    Movie is great! 2 thumbs up!


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