Hurt So Bad

I have to confess that I found this picture of a sand sculpture so fascinating that I had to build a post around it. I can only imagine the artist’s frame of mind during its creation, but — like any piece of art — it will stir up a lot of different feelings in those who view it.

Obviously it can signify physical pain — something as common as a migraine or a persistent hangover — but it could also remind of mental pressures, and I’d bet that anyone reading this has plenty of those.

In any case, I thought I’d share it, along with an appropriate tune.

Little Anthony & the Imperials – “Hurt So Bad”

4 thoughts on “Hurt So Bad

  1. Hello Geezer,

    I made the above sand sculpture in 2003 at the SandFest contest in Port Aransas TX. It’s title was “Under Pressure”. I was thinking of calling it “Oppression”. It was 9ft x 6ft tall. Your other poster had it right, it’s somebody having their head pushed into the sand by somebody else. And yep, he’s mad about it.

    When I was pounding up the sand, (Putting sand into forms and pounding it down, preparation to carving it), I was watching the crowd. I saw some young brothers. I thought it would be better if I could carve a kid, and title it “Little Brother”. Alas, at the time I couldn’t carve kids.

    Note: This sculpture didn’t win or place, or get any recognition at the contest.


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