Are The Resolution Blues Headed Your Way?

I have to be honest about it. I’ve never been particularly inclined toward making New Year’s resolutions. That’s not to say I haven’t tried from time to time, but not so much lately. And it’s certainly not because I lack faults to correct. I have a whole lot more than my share — just ask Mrs. Big Geez.

But resolutions can be a whole lot of trouble. Most of us end up moaning and groaning about how we weren’t able to stick to them, and we feel worse that we did before we ever started. Who needs all that aggravation?

I’m sure there are a lot of different opionions on the subject of resolutions. Here’s one from a lady who has been featured before on the GMC, in a piece called Dinah Washington – Queen Of The Blues. Dinah reminds us that resolutions can be very, very tricky things.

Dinah Washington – “Resolution Blues”

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