Summer’s Almost Over – The Worm Is Turning

I guess the title of this piece is a little misleading because it’s actually about how Summer is drawing to a close and the leaves are turning — not the worms. wormBut I had a favorite worm picture from many years ago that I wanted to use, and even though no leaves are visible in the picture, let’s say that they were probably turning, just to make all this hang together a little better. (Talk about trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.)

And as far as that goes, I suppose I shouldn’t just call it a worm picture. It’s actually a very old picture of my daughter — who was grubby from playing in the dirt, but cute as a button — proudly holding a worm in her little palm. One of my all-time favorite snapshots.

But it does seem as if the leaves are turning extra early this year, so for a musical theme I had two choices: worms or an early Autumn. Worms are pretty tempting, but believe it or not I’ve already written about the wiggly critters — specifically, the Mills Brothers and their classic song, “Glow Worm.”

So let’s go for the latter choice.

Early Autumn (Latin version) – Glen Gray & Casa Loma Orchestra


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