REVIEW: Liquid Mind – Relax; A Liquid Mind Experience

Z-Z-Z-Z-Z…huh? Oh sorry, I was drifting a little while listening to this recent release from New Age music phenom Liquid Mind (aka Chuck Wild). It’s a compilation of tunes titled Relax – A Liquid Mind Experience, and mostly consists of selections drawn from earlier albums in the popular Liquid Mind series.

Before you take me to task for making fun of the album, let me assure you that extreme relaxation is its stated intent – hence the name – and it delivers on that promise, so although my opening comment might sound a little irreverent, my state of mind was exactly what the producers intended. (Of course, Mrs. Big Geez says I’m ready to nod off most of the time anyway, but let’s leave that aside for now.)

There is a large fan base for this type of music – obviously, given the sales figures – and when you consider the hectic pace of life and the pressures we all face, it isn’t surprising that a lot of us would like to occasionally slow down the speeding locomotive.

Chuck Wild, along with other masters of the genre, has used his talents as a composer and musician to tap into that need. As he says, “The Liquid Mind albums seem to have an immediate ‘slowing down’ effect on the listener, and may also help some people get to sleep, and relax deeply after a tension-filled day.”

But the music is also recommended as a help for everything from anger management to yoga to dealing with serious illness. “I originally wrote the music of Liquid Mind to help myself, my friends, and family dealing with the anxiety and stress of working long hours, and also for friends and family dealing with the stress of life-threatening illnesses like cancer and HIV.”

Wild has an interesting musical background, including both keyboard and vocal work in a number of venues before finding major success as a song-writer. He’s had dozens of compositions recorded by some of the biggest names in music, and his music has also been used extensively in movies and TV. In the last decade or so he’s devoted himself to the sound of new age music, and has found big success with his Liquid Mind series.

The music itself is about what you’d expect, a collection of slow, subdued but melodically pleasing instrumentals, performed by a group of pros. (Samples available on the Liquid Mind website, or by following the Amazon link below.)

It should again be noted that – with the exception of one track – this album consists of selections from other Liquid Mind releases, so loyal fans might already have most of these tunes. For those who don’t, or for anyone who needs a little relaxation – or maybe just likes soft, dreamy instrumentals – this album will deliver the goods.

1. Teach Me to Whisper 7:01
2. Serenity 10:06
3. Touching Calm 7:44
4. Awakening 12:06
5. Reflection 8:18
6. I Am Willing 7:55 *
7. Take Me Tenderly 6:47
8. Lullaby for Grownups 5:19

* Previously unreleased

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