REVIEW: Carole King – Love Makes The World (Deluxe Edition)

Carole King’s very own Rockingale Records has released a new enhanced 2-CD album, starring an artist whose name might be familiar — Carole King. It’s actually a re-issue of her 2001 album Love Makes The World, but with the addition of the extra disc containing bonus music tracks, plus several music videos and an interview with the legendary artist.

As a member of the rock and roll Hall Of Fame, King almost literally needs no introduction. For those who might have spent the last few decades in a different universe, let’s start by saying that she’s been a factor in pop music in one way or another for well over forty years.

She’s been involved in both performing and composing since her teen years, in those days working with everyone from Neil Sedaka to Paul Simon, and has pretty much crafted a storybook career right through to today. She’s not only a talent in her own right, but has also forged strong relationships with many of the greats, including James Taylor and David Crosby.

The original Love Makes The World album, which makes up disc one here, included several guest stars such as Babyface smoothly joining in on “You Can Do Anything”, while Celine Dion’s clear tones came through on “The Reason”. Also noteworthy; KD Lang’s contributions to “An Uncommon Love” and some sweet notes by Wynton Marsalis on “I Wasn’t Gonna Fall In Love”.

The original release was well-received in 2001, although like most of her newer stuff it was found to fall a little short of her classic Tapestry album. But that’s sort of like da Vinci being taken to task because his latest wasn’t up the the standards he set with the Mona Lisa, because Tapestry is considered to be one of the seminal albums in pop music.

Disc two adds five music tracks, including one featuring King’s daughter by Graham Nash, Louise Goffin, who joins mom for the first time on “Where You Lead I Will Follow”. (The theme from The Gilmore Girls.) It works pretty well, as the two have very different but complementary singing styles.

Also included is “Two Hearts”, with Carole joined by Nash himself, an interesting bit of nostalgia thrown in. The cut I enjoyed most was “Lo Que Tú Eres Para Mí”, with Alejandro Lerner meshing perfectly with Carole. Additionally, the bonus disc includes two music videos, a behind the scenes video, and an interview with Carole.

Still a vibrant force in music, Carole King has a lot of fans out there and this enhanced 2-CD release will certainly appeal to them, and to many others who’d like experience a little bit of musical history.

Disc: 1
1. Love Makes the World
2. You Can Do Anything
3. The Reason
4. I Wasn’t Gonna Fall In Love
5. I Don’t Know
6. Oh No, Not My Baby
7. It Could Have Been Anyone
8. Monday Without You
9. An Uncommon Love
10. You Will Find Me There
11. Safe Again
12. This Time

Disc: 2
1. Birthday Song
2. Love for Christmas
3. Where You Lead, I Will Follow
4. Lo Que Tú Eres Para Mí
5. Two Hearts
6. Love Makes The World (Video)
7. Safe Again (Video)
8. Making of the album – Behind the Scenes featurette (Video)
9. Interview with Carole King (Video)

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