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bgtoonI’m a retiree who is also a music lover, so I’ve sort of combined the two to make this blog. It started as an offshoot of my old website (GEEZERWEB — now discontinued because most of my attention is here these days). In 2006, after I realized what a great job WordPress does with blog hosting, I migrated everything over here. Smartest thing I ever did.

I’m located in the Midwestern US, and before my retirement was a manager at a facility that was part of a middle-sized company — which was then swallowed up by a much bigger company. The end was in sight, and when our location was shut down I took early retirement. At that time, I recognized the need for a way for former co-workers and friends to keep in touch, so I started a site on the web. It was a scrolling, regularly updated source of news, gossip, pictures and links — a blog, years before I’d even heard the word.

With the Geezer Music Club, I’ve entered the world of conventional blogging and I’m having a ball. I think there’s a real need for Seniors (or Geezers as I like to call us) to stay active in all ways, and that’s one of the reasons for some of the things I do on the internet. That — and to keep me out of Mrs. BG’s hair.

40 thoughts on “About BG

  1. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for writing about the Cotton Club, as an artist I decided to paint Loui Armstrong with the infamous Cotton Club sign behind him, and found that your article intriqued me even more so to paint it. Thanks so much.
    Lori Andrews


  2. I enjoyed browsing through your site tonight, the first time I have done so. We have a few things in common. I retired in 2001 and have spent the past five-plus years working on my web sites and blogs, most of which pertain to jazz and big band music.

    Two of my sites I think you will enjoy are:

    Tuxedo Junction –
    The Palomar –
    (The Palomar also is a WordPress blog.)

    I have another site, Club Alibi, that features hard-driving rhyhtm n’blues and classic rock n’roll from the mid-1950s, when I was a teenager. Born in 1940, I am now 66.

    I liked your comments about how big bands were featured in movies. I look forward to watching them whenever they are shown on Turner Classic Movies and Fox Movies.

    PBS ran an interesting program on “Soundies” over the weekend. I’m now searching the Internet to find some “Soundies” I can download for free. YouTube, Google Video, and a few other sites have some. Do you have any suggestions where I should look?

    Keep up the great work!


    George Spink
    Los Angeles


  3. Thanks for a great website! I just accidentally discovered this while trying to do a little research on my latest acquisition – a Selmer Modele 22 Tenor sax in silver plate. I still have my day job, but my first love is music performance. I was a musician in the Navy, and probably should have majored in music in college, but make more money as a civil engineer. I suspect we are about the same age – some of my earliest music memories were listening to my parent’s 78 rpm Glenn Miller, Bix Beiderbecke, and Billie Holiday records. I currently hold the bari sax chair with the Ches Kellam Orchestra, and am on the sub list for three or four big bands in the Baltimore/Washington region. Mostly, though, I am musical theater productions, ’cause that s where the demand is.


  4. Hey Big Geez
    Love the site and information. I like others ran across it by accident… I have a website also for geezers I guess, I am 50 and promote my 75 year old fathers music! So ain’t none of us getting no younger. He has a CD of traditional country and old time fiddle tunes for your pleasure and enjoyment. The site has a great links page that even lists free music instruction links and such. I was looking for someone to review his CD, not an easy thing these days with all the new wave music and sites…
    Come give us a visit, we are http://www.roycrawford.net
    Will be adding a link to your Geezin on our site soon as I can.
    Take care and God Bless
    Roy Crawford Jr. (Fiddler’s Son)


  5. Yo BG: Enjoyed your site….you have a very good ear. I am a huge Tommy Emmanuel fan. The Mystery Cd review is spot on. Look at the CD named Happy Hour, Tommy is playing with a fab swing guitarist by the name of Jim Nichols.
    Actually all Tommy’s CD’s are great music….I particularly love the Only and Initiation CD’s and his 2 DVD’s St Lois and Australian concerts are amazing. I will also tell you that it is very easy to get his music from his web site. Gina and Tracy do a wonderfull job getting his music out. I will book mark this web site for future. All the best and happy retirement Cheers


  6. Hello BG,

    I stumbled on your site while looking for Radio Moscow recordings.
    I too listened to RM in my youth. I was in my late teens and
    interested in SW radio (among many other things) and recall
    listening to Radio Moscow with all the propaganda they could muster.
    I am leaving this message for you to let you know that you can still
    be the ham that you wanted to be as a youth! It’s easier now than
    ever before as there is no Morse code required. If you are even
    a little interested, please email me directly so we can discuss.

    Rene Morris


  7. Doing a little “tag” surfing in WordPress and ran across your blog. Enjoyed my visit and took in a tune or two, or three. As long as your ticket prices remain at your current level…..count on my return! 🙂


  8. Hi. I’ve been searching for the name of the banjo-guitarist with Larry Clinton’s Orchestra on this youtube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVm9iTCsqQo

    Can anyone help, please? I’ve Googled for ages now and the only name that has come up is Jack Chesleigh. Someone else put a message on the youtube clip that it could be Bennie Mortell.

    Also, is that a solid-body amplified banjo that he is playing? Sounds like a guitar, not a banjo.


    1. This is a soundie from 1941. Proof is the presence of Butch Stone, who joined the band early 1941. The guitarist of the 1941 Larry Clinton band was George Rose.


  9. BG I just wanted to thank you for the piece you did on me and all the wonderful adjectives you expressed and yes I’m still doing what I was born to do and that is sing and entertain—though I laughed when you said they compared me with a energetic Jonny Mathis (smile)–lets keep the magic going with the new cd “THE HEART AND SOUL OF MEL CARTER” that is through on the second ballot for a Grammy this year–again thank you much and I do appreciate your comments—God Bless—Mel Carter


  10. Great site..appreciate the kind words about Jimmy Clanton..I was his fan club pres in 1962…and just crossed paths again on his facebook site. I an again doing what I love..singing the praises of a genuine true talent..Mr. Jimmy Clanton!


  11. I just found your website today while looking for background on Charlie Walker. Thank you for what you wrote about him when we lost him. This is a terrific site and wanted you and everyone who follows you, and who is also interested in Country music to know that my age is in the same ballpark and I’ve been doing an internet show called All Things Country (7 years this January!) for Heartland Public Radio on HPR1. The show is a mix of new and old. As much as I love and revere our legends, I’m equally passionate about all those wonderful independent artists in whom Nashville isn’t interested, and who are making great music in the true tradition of Country. I play a lot of Australian artists and will be doing our annual all Aussie show in tribute to Australia Day at the end of this month. If you or anyone is interested, please check out our website, http://www.hpr.org. All hail the Geezer!


    1. Hi Rowena,

      I listen to HPR1 (and 2) on my computer and my clock radio, and on my phone when out I’m walking the dog or driving around. When are you on?

      Dick in Seattle


  12. Thanks for the kind words, Rowena. I checked out Heartland Public Radio and it looks like a pretty solid website that furnishes good music to listeners. Best of luck to you and everyone there.


  13. Hello. I do a vintage radio program on WDCB called “Midwest Ballroom” near Chicago. A listener wants to know if Ken Griffin ever recorded the tune “Oh.” and if so what album it’s on? I have a number of Ken’s fine albums, but not that song. Thanks. John Russell midwestballroom@yahoo.com


    1. Hey, I just discovered your cool site while searching “Billy and Lillie”.

      Not sure about Ken Griffin, but “Oh!” was a 50s hit by Pee Wee Hunt – flip was “San”.

      I’ve been collecting records since 1949.

      Dick in Seattle


  14. Hi BG, dropped by a few times over the years but now making the effort to say well done on producing a rather wonderful, interesting and informative blog reminding us all of the great music and artists that are still available to be discovered. My humble website celebrates a single artist on their birthday and then proceeds to give you a complete overview of their professional and personal life, along with embedded song samples, videos and tons of pictures. Happy New Year, regards, Bob


  15. Thanks for writing, Bob. You do indeed have a very nice blog, and I’ve added it to my blogroll. (Visitors, note – you can also click on Bob’s name in his comment above.)


  16. Hi BG,,,

    Posted earlier today but I think I lost my comment somehow or another. Sorry it has taken me so long to holler at you. Like you, I move rather slow these days. Only post on my blog once or twice a month. Good to see you back, even if you don’t post that much. I usually try to convince myself I’m on my “death bed” and need to lie down rather than doing anything of any value. 🙂

    Anyway, again glad your back and be seeing you a little more than yearly… 🙂


  17. Thanks for the good stuff. Stumbled on your blog while Googling Mary Ann McCall. I listen to 40s and 50s and 60s stuff. Much better than what’s on the radio! Thumbs up from Berkeley, California!


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