About the GMC

Remember the days when you and your friends could go into a record store, take some platters into a little glassed-in booth and try the music, talk about it for a while, and then once you’d decided what you liked, take it to the counter and buy it? This site is sort of like that. . .but I don’t sell anything. My aim instead is to offer discussion about OUR kind of music, along with a little nostalgia for the good old days.

The Geezer Music Club was started in early 2006 as a branch of the GEEZERWEB website, but once I saw what a wonderful job WordPress does with blogging I migrated everything over here! (The GEEZERWEB site has been discontinued.)

BG (The Big Geez)

19 thoughts on “About the GMC

  1. hello biggeez, I am so glad to have found your site – Peter from holtieshouse sent me the link. Your blog is great, haven’t had a chance to have a look at the website yet. I have a website too, as well as my blog, started earlier this year. I can see why Peter sent me your link.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I have done a little post and link to you on my blog…


  2. Hi Everyone,

    If you are a fan of Andy Williams, you might want to check out my web site. Joanne Grauer, Andy’s pianist for many years, insisted on recorded a CD with me two years ago in Reno after hearing me sing. I’m not here to sell my CD “The Shadow of Your Smile”. I’m just here to let you know that there are still crooners around and some of us are considered “world class” (Joanne’s comment about my singing). I’ve got samples of my singing on my web site. They are all cover songs from Sinatra to Bennett and many others. Enjoy! Tim


  3. Hey Geez! I like your blog. We are of pretty much the same era, and I am a fan of Jazz, Big Band & Oldies from trhe 40’s, 50’s & 60’s (pre-Beatles). Good crowd here and well-done.


  4. Hello! Just wanted to say you are providing a great service with a variety of topics. Just stumbled across your site while doing research on Leon Payne, Johnny Rodriguez, and Jim Reeves since it helps me to include history/anecdotes while introducing songs that I perform while hosting karaoke and other events (one tmw nite here in the Texas “badlands” – laughing! Nice article on Tex Ritter btw who never had a problem with Jim Reeves “he’s the best thing to come outta Panola County!” Unfortunately, Jim (the hands-down Rodney Daingerfield of country music) remains a second distant favorite son 45 yrs after his death ( in Carthage). But we all have to move on. Thanks for creating this site again. Sincerely, Jim


  5. Hi there, Mr. Geez (a.k.a. BG, etc.)
    I discovered your blog by accident – what else is new? I was looking up “Sue Thompson” because we are posting something about her on our own blog – Russ & Gary’s Best Years of Music. I love your format, content, writing style, the way you describe what you do and your approach. If you don’t mind, I’d like to use your “Note” message which talks about copyrighted material.
    – Russ Strathdee


  6. Glad to have you aboard, Russ. You’re welcome to use the ‘note’.

    PS to readers — you can see his website by clicking on ‘strathdee’ below his comment.


  7. This isn’t actually my music, but at one time it WAS my music, and yes, I DO remember the glass listening booths quite well, even though it was 40 some years ago. I also remember the local store using the “silver dollar survey” list of top 40 hits from WLS music radio. Good times, indeed.


  8. this is a fun site…i too play in a country,blues and rockabilly cover band. The average age of the band members is
    53 and thats because we have my young “whipper snapper” son who is all of 32 playing with us…I am working on putting together a musicians group of older adult bands and band members…We could discuss everything from forming a band to gigging to finding replacement musicians when and where…if your interested in joining drop me an email at osalgado@matherlifeways.com


  9. Hi Guys,
    Love the site….all the way up here in Quebec, Canada.. Question for you all: “Mule Skinner Blues” by the Fendermen. After the guitar break, is there some “questionable” language used? As in: “hey little water boy, bring the buck.buck..bucket, down. And if you don’t like it , you can go….etc” I’d like to hear from anyone who can clear this up for me. It would have been impossible to get thru the censors, but it’s sort of disguised by the unique interpretation of the Fendermen. Any comments?? Thanks, Sandy H


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