Tale Of A Treacherous Pine Tree

We have a huge pine tree in our front yard, and it’s situated dangerously close to the garage. The danger exists because the tree has grown so large and mature through the years that it’s now susceptible to losing limbs every time we have heavy snow, or ice, or even strong winds. We’ve had it trimmed several times  but it still seems to regularly find unwanted parts of itself to jettison, and I worry that it’s only a matter of time before a big branch crashes through the roof of the garage.

I don’t know a lot about pine trees — or trees of any kind, for that matter — but I do realize that they eventually reach a size and maturity that indicates the end is near. If that’s the case with this one, maybe I can turn it over to a tree sculptor.

Never heard of a tree sculptor? Below are some examples of their art.

Jerry Reed – “In The Pines”


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