The Music Of Giant Tripods

I’ve always been a big fan of science fiction, and I have fond memories of some of the more colorful movies from my childhood. I was especially crazy about alien invasion movies, and there were plenty of them around in those days. I’ve written about those fun times before so I won’t go into all that again, but I did want to pass along something I recently found and enjoyed.

In that earlier article I mentioned 1953’s War Of The Worlds as one my favorite movies from those days, so I was naturally intrigued a few years ago by the news that Steven Spielberg was going to remake it. I eagerly awaited the film’s release and then finally got to see it, settling into my theater seat with great expectations.

I was for the most part underwhelmed by the movie, although part of that might have been because of those sky-high expectations I mentioned. But even though there were things I didn’t like — Dakota Fanning’s screeching comes immediately to mind — other parts of the movie were very entertaining.

I especially liked how the giant alien tripods first appeared and began stomping through the city streets, trumpeting their deep foghorn sound and using their death ray to vaporize the people frantically running away. And it was just that type of scene that l was looking for on Youtube when I stumbled on to the video below.

Matching that scene of terrified people running for their lives with “Yakety Sax,” the theme song from the old British TV comedy Benny Hill, was a stroke of genius, and I salute the guy who came up with it.

Boots Randolph’s honking sax is always fun, but there’s a modified version of the song that I like even better.

Chet Atkins – “Yakety Axe”

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