In Consideration Of Smooth Jazz

If there is one thing I’ve learned about today’s jazz fans, it’s that many of them dismiss the type of music known as contemporary jazz, urban jazz, or — shudder — smooth jazz. And yet, there is good music to be heard within the genre.

I understand the thinking of many jazz purists, and I’ll confess that I’m a little ambivalent — in fact, I’ve been known to get dangerously drowsy ddafter tuning into a smooth jazz radio station on a late-night drive. But I’ve also enjoyed the music at times.

I thought we might try something. Below is a track from fusion artist Don Diego, who is a skilled saxophonist, vocalist and keyboardist. His sax is in the ascendancy on this one, “Da Da,” from his album, A New Beginning. If I had to label it, I guess I’d call it a sort of funk/fusion/urban — OK, smooth — jazz.

Anyhow, I thought it might be interesting to gauge the reaction of GMC readers. Give it a listen and then share your opinion in the poll — you can elaborate via a comment if you’d like.

(Later — have now removed file but you can follow the album link to hear it.)


One thought on “In Consideration Of Smooth Jazz

  1. I give it a thumbs up while recognizing that if I had to listen to an entire session of this music I’d be falling asleep. Some things are good one-off, in the middle of an eclectic playlist. This guy’s good, and the funk’s very cool–but there’s something generic sounding about it nonetheless. I have an intuition that the entire album sounds just like this.

    It’s the same reaction I have to Enya. I could listen to one or two her songs repeatedly, but give me an album and I’ll run the other way.


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